Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy & Friends 4
Kirsten Dunst may be a good actress, but she really didn't seem comfortable holding a baby! Daddy and I happened upon her as she was arriving to film a scene for the upcoming SpiderMan 2. SpiderMan was the first movie I went to (I slept through the whole thing!) and daddy says that I can see SpiderMan 2 when I get older.
Daddy was very excited to have me meet meet Carl Reiner. He kept on telling me what a legend Mr. Reiner was and how important to comedy he was, but I would have none of it! I was very squirmy that day. But Mr. Reiner seemed to understand and we have the signed book to prove it!
Candice Bergen is a very famous actress who was on a show called Murphy Brown. She was very comfortable holding me (well, she did play a single mom on TV!) She was speaking on behalf of Central Park on this day along with the Mayor of New York.
Most people would be happy to meet the Mayor of New York, but not me. I was CRANKY and was not afraid to let the Mayor know it. He could not have been nicer though, even making jokes with daddy about how I must have been a Democrat!
Take Me Out To The Ballgame! Thats how I felt when I met New York Mets players Al Leiter and Tom Glavine at an exhibit on the Folk Art of Baseball. They were really nice and I hear that they are really good players. Now I can say that I have Met The Mets!
Some call him Puff Daddy, some call him P. Diddy, I call him Pal! Daddy and I saw him on the street and Daddy asked his security people if Mr. Diddy would take a picture with me. He did and he was really very kind to me. As you can see from my fingers, I was down with meeting him. As far as I am concerned, he can hang at my crib anytime.
Frances Sternhagen is an actress who has been in many movies and TV shows. Daddy and mommy know her best from when she played Carters 'Gamma' on the TV show E.R. We bumped into her while she was about to get onto the Subway. She was in a hurry, but posed with me and gave us a lovely smile.
What can I say about BB King. Daddy has played his music for me and the man knows the blues! Daddy and I met him, but he would not hold me. He made daddy hold me and he posed with us. I got a great little pin in the shape of a guitar that says "BB KING." Daddy says I can wear it when I get a bit older and won't stick myself!
Edie Falco and Stanley Tucci were walking down the street right in our neighborhood when daddy and I saw them. Edie was a pro at holding a kid and Stanley made some funny faces. Mommy and daddy saw them in a play on Broadway where they were both naked - Not even a diaper! They talked with daddy for a while after we took the picture, and we have seen them in the neighborhood several times since then.
Here is a picture of me with Fergie! Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York (Though no longer known as Her Royal Highness). She has a book signing at Barnes and Noble and Daddy and I had to go and meet her. She made sure that I had a lollipop to keep me happy, but I dropped it very soon after we took this picture. Daddy had met her in Los Angeles and she remembered him from then. Her book was very nice and I will read it when I get bigger.
Boy, you should have seen all of the people and security when daddy and I met Madonna at Barnes and Noble. I was first in line and even though they would not let daddy bring his camera in, there were lots of pictures of me from that day. I was in The New York Times, People, The New York Post and Billboard Magazine! Recently, they have even used video footage of me on show on E! The Entertainment Channel! Wow, Madonna must be happy that she met me.
Well, even though I cried when I met Mayor Bloomberg, I was very happy to meet Mayor Giuliani. Daddy and I met him when we were outside the Madonna book signing. As you can see, I have the same expression as the Mayor! He is quite the icon in New York and it was fun to meet him. I fell asleep just a few minutes later. Well, it was a very busy day!