Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy & Friends 2
Billy Joel was already in the front seat of his car when daddy asked him if he would take a picture with me. He jumped out of the seat and posed next to me so quickly that I didn't have time to smile. Daddy and I both think that he was very nice to do that and we like him just the way he is.
Saxaphonist, Dave Koz, came out with an album of lullabies called "Golden Slumbers" and he did an in store performance that daddy and I attended. After he played, he signed some cds and he posed for pictures. He was very friendly and he said that I was the type of child that he made the album for. He signed my cd and daddy played it for me that night. I slept like a baby!
This is a picture of me with John Mayer. He is a singer/songwriter and he was lots of fun! He is a very cool guy and thought that I was "super cute". Daddy has a cd of his and plays his music for me. I hope that when I am older that I can see him in concert. He said that when we put his picture up he was going to check out my website. Hi John!!!
This is one of my favorite authors, Eric Carle. He has a whole museum devoted to his work! Some of his books that I like are "Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, Said the Sloth," "The Very Quiet Cricket," and "The Very Lonely Firefly." He was very nice to me and I suggest you read some of his many great books. (He even signed a few for me!)
I also met Spike Lee and his wife, Tonya Lewis Lee. They wrote a book called, "Please, Baby, Please" and were signing it at Barnes and Noble. Daddy and I went to get me some new books and Mr. and Mrs. Lee were nice enough to let me pose with them. The big smile on my face is because I had just finished playing with Spike's hat! It was furry and lots of fun to hold!
Max Weinberg is the drummer for The E Street Band and the Musical Director for the Conan O'Brien Show. He is a big supporter of the charity that my dad works with and was nice enough to donate a signed drumhead and drumsticks to be auctioned off. I went with my dad when he picked them up and Max showed me how to play the drums a little. I hope that I can see The E Street Band one day. Daddy really likes them and I'm sure I will too!
Mommy and daddy watch a TV show called "Oz" about life in prison. The reason I am running away from Chuck Zito, who plays Chucky Pancamo, is because he plays a bad man on the show. Actually, mom and dad tell me that most everyone on the show is bad, but I did not know that! Anyway, we met Chuck Zito and some others from the cast at a book signing for Oz. I thought I would be more scared, but as you will see, it was fun!
Here I am with (L-R) Evan Seinfeld, Dean Winters and Lee Tergesen. They all act on Oz and were at the book signing. Dean Winters thought that I was the cutest baby he had ever seen and wanted to take me home - daddy said that mommy would be upset if he did so he let daddy take me home.
Kristen Rohde plays a mean corrections officer on Oz, but she could not have been nicer to me! She held me and swung me around and tried to take me home too but in the end I went home with daddy.(Don't any of these people have babies of their own?)
Here I am with Lee Tergesen and Kristen Rohde from the cast of Oz. All of the cast members were very nice to me and they signed a book for daddy. I guess I will see the book and the DVD when I get older, a lot older according to my dad!
This is Sarah Jessica Parker from "Sex and the City." She just became a mommy recently. Daddy saw her filming her TV show in our neighborhood and asked her if she would take a picture with me. She said yes and even invited us in her trailer! She watched me walk and she and daddy talked about being parents. Daddy said that I won't understand her show till I am older.
Cynthia Nixon is also an actress on "Sex and the City." She was filming with Sarah Jessica Parker on the same day and stopped to take a picture with me when daddy asked. She was in a hurry, but took the time to pick me up and tell me how sweet I was. Daddy says that she has two kids of her own, so I guess she knows sweet!