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This is Dean Winters from the FX show Rescue Me . Daddy and I were downtown and saw that they were filming this show. Mommy and daddy LOVE it! So, even that it was cold, we watched for a bit. I had met Dean Winters before, but I was very small. It was nice to see him again!
I also met Denis Leary who plays the lead on Rescue Me, firefighter, Tommy Gavin. Daddy says that Denis is very funny, but I can't listen to him until I am much older. I don't know what people think about him, but when I met him, he was in the Pizzaria where daddy and I had just had lunch, buying the girl who plays his youngest daughter a slice of pizza/ Whatta Mensch!
This is me with Julie Chang from the WB 11 Morning News here in New York. Daddy and I met her at a live remote at the Children?s Museum of Manhattan. We are members there and they were promoting the Museum's Mid-Winter Recess "Dance Around the World" Festival. There were dancers and drummers and daddy and I made silk screen prints at the "Art of Andy Warhol" exhibit. If you are in New York, or visiting, The Children's Museum is a must see. Speaking of seeing, please note the cool "Swingers" shirt that I am wearing. It came from a company called Uncommonly Cute. You can find them on the web and in the smarter kids clothing stores. They have really cool infant and toddler clothes and You might even see me on their site one day!
Today, daddy and I went to Books of Wonder, a great childrens book store here in New York, where they were having a Curious George event to celebrate the new Curious George movie. We had a great time! Daddy bought me a bunch of new books (2 Curious George books) and they had a Curious George storytime, we got tickets to a screening of the new Curious George movie, I got a Curious George gift bag and I got to meet Curious George himself! He was really nice. He posed for pictures and walked around and met all of the kids who were there and I even got my picture taken with him. After hearing 2 Curious George stories, I think I know why my mommy and daddy call me a little monkey all of the time.
Walking down the street here in New York can turn into an adventure all in itself! As we were leaving the Time Warner Center to head back home on the subway, a man with headphones and a walkie-talkie was trying to stop people. Well, daddy stopped and it turned out that on the other end of the walkie-talkie was none other than Ellen DeGeneres ! She was taping her show in the Frederick P. Rose Hall and was waving at us from the window of the hall. After speaking to us on the walkie-talkie a bit she invited us up to be on the show. We raced upstairs and the next thing we knew we were onstage with Ellen DeGeneres. I loved looking out of the windows onto Columbus Circle and when they gave me the microphone I sang the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song. During a break, Ellen let daddy take a picture of me with her and here it is. She was so sweet and held me when I ran into he arms. I hope that you watch her show and had a chance to see me!
When daddy lived in Los Angeles, he did a TV movie called High School USA . Well, we were at the Time Warner Center, here in New York, shopping at Whole Foods and ran into one of the stars, Anthony Edwards . As nice as he ever was (he once tried to teach daddy to surf!) they chatted for a while and then we took this picture. Daddy said that it was very nice to catch up with him since they had not seen each other for a long, long time. I have to say, the older I get the more I realize that you never know quite what will happen here in New York!
Daddy and I were going to Toys R Us in Times Square (a great afternoon of fun if you are in New York!) and we saw a crowd in front of McDonalds on 42nd Street. Well, it turns out that they were launching the new Arch Card. They handed some out and I got to meet Ronald McDonald! After this picture was taken, daddy and I shared chicken selects and french fries and daddy even let me share his Diet Coke!
Some days are better than others! Daddy and I were coming home from the playground when we ran intp Michael C. Hall on the street. Well, I was gonna take a picture, but then got a case of the shys (rare for me!) Mr. Hall, who my mommy and daddy loved in "Six Feet Under" was nice enough to pose with me anyway. Some people are so nice.
Visiting the Virgin Megastore, here in Times Square, daddy and I ran into a friend who worked there. She knew about my website and that I had a photograph with Hugh Hefner and thought it would be fun to get another. I guess that I learned quickly though, cause seeing a Playboy Bunny, I put my hands over my eyes! Well, everything happened so quickly, that daddy couldn't even get a picture! This phptograph is from Timothy A. Clary / Getty Images. Who knows, maybe I might even be on his new show, Girls Next Door. Check it out!
Mommy and daddy and I went to the "Great Read in the Park" today. We bought some new books and saw lots of authors. They also had a performance stage. Daddy and I watched the group Hi 5 perform. Afterwards, we went back and met them. Here I am with Kimee, Jenn, Karla, Shaun and Curtis. They were as nice as they seem on Discovery Kids and they performed a great show! Books are great and Hi 5 made the day even that much greater!
While daddy and I were walking to school we saw a bunch of trucks setting up for filming. So, this afternoon while were on our way to the park we walked by and saw Anna Paquin. Daddy asked if she would take a picture with me and she said yes. I wish everyone I met was as nice as she was! She told me that I was very cute and that she liked Thomas the Tank Engine (she might have just been kidding). Once again, this goes to show that you never know who you will see in the neighborhood!
This is me with Jayneoni, who you may know from MSNBC or CNN. She knows everything about celebrities and what they buy and what they wear. She invited me to her "Hollywood Baby Shower" which was chock full of the latest and greatest baby accessories for the kids to the stars and for folks who want to treat their kids like stars! I will have some pictures of me with some of the funn stuff I got on my plug page, but for now you need to check out products from Jen Klair Kids where I got the coolest Color Caddy. The Color Caddy is a neat way for my mom and dad to keep my crayons without having them fall all around! Check it out. I also got a great stuffed bunny from the nice folks at Bla Bla Kids. Elizabeth, from Pippen Hill Designs was very sweet to me and I was filmed playing with one of her Dream Kuddle Pillows which, I might add, was very comfortable! Jacqueline from Little Show Offs was really nice to mee and let me play with her camera. My daddy says that he wished he had some of those Little Show Off t-shirts when I was little! I also got to play guitar when I visited the Crib Rock table. Tracy let me strum while my daddy looked at the fun shirts she had. Tracy said I would look great in the "Three Little Mice" shirt. Check out her web site and let me know what you think. There were lots of other tables there and some of the fun baby products you should check out are: Toddler Treads (For some great shoes!), Jack Scrapbooks, Tee Pee for Me, Big Bad Baby, Izzy Bitzy (For more cute shirts!), Diapees & Wipees and Rock Me Baby Records. I don't normally link to so much stuff, but these products are really top notch! That Jayneoni really knows her stuff! I can't wait for my next "Baby Shower."