Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy & Friends 3
When I was on the TV show, Fox & Friends, (I slept through the whole thing) daddy saw that one of the other guests was G. Gordon Liddy. I didn't know who he was, but I heard daddy telling someone that he was a plumber and that this would be a great picture when I studied history in high school. I don't know about all of that, but he was very nice and he smiled at me and made me smile.
These are the Barber Brothers who started me on my life of celebrity photographs. I think Tiki is on the left and Ronde is on the right. One of them has a kid about my age, but I can't remember which. Tiki signed a small Giants helmet for me and daddy says that I can hold it when I get bigger!
This is Al Gore. He used to be Vice-President of the United States and won the popular vote in 2000, before I was born. Daddy and mommy met him during his campaign and he said they could visit him at the White House. Daddy says that maybe we can visit him after 2004. I can't wait to go to Washington!
Tipper Gore is Al Gore's wife. She is a photographer, but all of the people taking our pictures made me a little nervous. She and her husband signed a book for me that daddy said I can look at when I stop ripping pages. She wanted to keep me and said I was very, very cute.
Just before my first birthday (March 30th) daddy wanted to do something special. He saw that Bill Clinton was speaking at the 92nd street Y and took me over to have my picture taken with him. Security was very tight and people were shouting, but Bill was very nice and put his arms out to hold me. I was a little nervous with all the noise but daddy got two pictures.
Bill was in a rush, but daddy was able to get two pictures. He even got an elargement of this shot that we sent to get autographed by the former President. These pictures were a big finish to a really fun first year!
Jerry Orbach is one of the stars of "Law and Order," but he was also in a lot of shows including "Chicago" on Broadway and "The Fantasticks." Daddy and I ran into him while they were filming on Central Park West. His smile is almost bigger than mine!
Jesse L. Martin is also an actor on "Law and Order." He was happy to take a picture with me and gave me a really big smile as well. He even got me to make the dimples in my cheeks that my daddy thinks is so cute.
Richard Belzer is an actor on another Law and Order show called "Law and Order SVU." He was also on a TV show that my mommy and daddy liked called "Homicide." Many other people know him as a stand up comedian and he even had a radio show! Wow, just thinking about all of those jobs makes me tired!
This is Ringo Starr. He was the drummer for the Beatles, and even I know the Beatles! I have been a Beatles fan since I was six months old, when daddy and I watched "A Hard Days Night" on DVD. Daddy says that I will also like "Yellow Submarine" and "Help" when I get a little bigger. Many people have also pointed out that Ringo was the voice, at one time, of Mr. Conductor on The Thomas The Tank Engine TV Show. I was not into Thomas when I met Ringo, but now I am Thomas crazy! I wish I could meet Ringo again to tell him how much I like his work on The Thomas The Tank Engine Show. If youknow him, please pass this along to him!
Al Franken is a very funny man. He was a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live, he has been in movies and has written a number of funny books. He has a beautiful Black Lab named Kirby that mommy and daddy and I see in the dog run near where we live. When daddy showed him the pictures of me with famous people, he was very happy to pose with me.
This Hillary Clinton, Senator from the State of New York. She is married to Bill Clinton, the former President, and she was signing her new book at Barnes and Noble. Daddy got the book signed for me even though I won't be able to read it for many years! I waited a long time to meet her and was a little cranky, but eventually she made me smile.