Who is that with Jeremy?
Jeremy at Six Flags, Great Adventure · July 14, 2006
Before my mom went back to work from maternity leave, she, dad and I went to Six Flags, Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. It was really easy to get to and it was a ton of fun! There was so much stuff for a kid my age to do and mom and dad had fun as well. Here are a few pictures from our "Great Adventure."
When we showed up at Six Flags, Great Adventure the first thing we saw was "Taz." So, I had to take a picture with him!
I rode some of the rides with my mom.
And some with my dad.
What good is an amusement park if you don't have some ice-cream. The food here is great and there is PLENTY of it!
I met Tweety Bird,
Bugs and Daffy
And the Green Lantern, Batman and the Flash.
While I don't have a picture of it, I also met Mark Shapiro, CEO of Six Flags. My mom and dad spoke with him and I had a picture taken with him that was in the Business Section of the Philadelphia Inquirer. We told him how nice it was to go to an amusement park that is so close to New York and so very kid friendly. If you are looking for a place to take your kids, Six Flaggs ia about as kid friendly as you can get!